Artistic reflection

Viewing the above slides is an incomplete presentation of the work. Within the physical room, she was lying behind a red table turned to its side. The constructed red table is in itself an unworkable working station, which is 5 metres long and 35 centimetres wide with unequal leg heights so that it stands at a slant. Turned to its side, at only 35cm height, her body becomes hidden from view. In this setup the performative presentation takes place.

As the projected slides roll forwards, the body begins throwing items of clothing towards the viewers. Sweater, trousers, shirt, socks, knickers at various rhythm. It goes on to throwing mandarines. At first one, then another, then two at a time, then one again, at various rhythms. This goes on while the projected slides are rolling forward.

At the last slide, she gets up, now stark naked, and dresses into prepared clothes on a pillar, a white robe and a black abaya. Then goes back lying behind the red table.