Learning by Doing

Inflatables are deflatable

Who is Anubis today? // studio-visit performance

Live-mapping of talk on Cartopology by Marlies Vermeulen

Setting up for exhibition

Reflective material


You can see yourself and the background behind you. At the same time you see the person on the other side and the background behind them.

Suggestions from Joris

  • Experiment with the notion of movement and the notion of time
  • Swinging between memory and future or all is in the present?
  • First to problematise the situation. Give the viewer that split experience and then talk about how the two spaces compliment and contradict each other
  • Experiment with mirrors, reflection, refraction, screen attached to the swing...

Inspiration: Mirrors

Swing model (1:10 scale)

On-site tests


These videos were taken in Meerpark, Amsterdam. The existing swing set is in pentagon shape with 5 swings.

Inspiration: Swings